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Is the Juicy Living Tour for YOU?

I am planning the Juicy Living Tour Europe (another 12 months of juicy interviews!) which will start in April. Each month i will be travelling to different European countries and share with you my latest adventures and interviews on Youtube.com/LilouMace & JuicyLivingTour.com. You have been over 12-millions to view my Youtubes and it is growing rapidly worldwide!
To make this a global planetary success I feel we need to take this co-creation to a new level. I have listed below few ways you can help at this stage. Since i am at the beginning stages of planning the tour dates and countries, the needs are vasts and unlimited!

Here are different ways you can support the 2012 tour:

  • Often people ask me: How do you make a living? How do you finance the tour? The tour is financed by viewers donations from 1 euro/dollar to thousands. Some are recurrent donations, some are per video donations, and some are a one time donation. ALL have supported the magic and positive effects these videos had on millions of others. These financial contributions support the transportation expenses (flights, car rentals, trains, tolls, gas), accommodation, food and equipment costs. In 2011, all donations have been spent on these necessary expenses for me to interview during 11 months across the US, Canada and Mexico and resulting in hundreds and hundreds of videos uploaded online, free for all to watch and share. It is my wish this year is to hire professionals in so many daily tasks I need help on (I had to handle them for most part by myself this year). For your financial support Click here or go to JuicyLivingTour.com and then click on Donate Now button. You can also donate by check which can be mailed to: Lilou Productions, 2701 W Oakland park, suite 405, Oakland Park, FL 33311 USA.
  • If you have friends in the hotel industry such as hotel managers, B&B owners, in major European cities that can donate 1-2 rooms for 3-4 nights to the tour, please send them the Juicylivingtour.com website, explain them what the tour is about and give them my email address europe [AT] juicylivingtour.com (include country in subject line) so they can reach me with their hotel website, location and contact information.
  • If you have attended last year or heard about big conferences, festivals, congresses, expos and juicy speakers, authors, contact me by email at europe [AT] juicylivingtour.com with dates, website link
    (please include the country(ies) you are referring to in subject line).
  • If you are organizing an exceptional, spiritual, uplifting and juicy trip in Europe this year, email me with the website, dates, itinerary and i will see how i can make it fit within the tour. For example, I will be part of this great trip in Sweden end of June called the “Lights comes from the North” Juicy!
  • A camera man/woman with its own equipement that can volunteer in their own country for 1 or 2 weeks. This needs to be someone with a good professional experience and knowledge of the culture and country it will be filmed in.
  • A professional video editor (located anywhere around the world) that can donate some of his/her time to create awesome introductions tour videos, trailers, and/or editing the video interviews & trips
  • Translators that can donate their time in their own country and language. 2 types of translators are needed: professionals for the interview in itself (into English) and others to subtitle the interview from English to another languages (spanish, french, portugues, indian, german..) for everyone in the world to hear and share. If you are interested send me an email with the languages your translate, your experience, country, age and availbilities (please include the country you are referring to in subject line).
  • Name of a great bookstore, ‘get together’ places, cool restaurants to come to, places to stay in european capitals and main cities that are own by people that truly love what they do. Please email me at Europe [AT] juicylivingtour.com (including the country in subject line) I will organise “meet ups” as i did on this year tour for us to meet and get together for 2-3 hours. These dates will be posted on the tour’s website but also on my facebook page such as facebook.com/liloumacewebTV and facebook.comjuicylivingtour.
  • If you have a iPhone ir iPad and would like to be part of the JUICY STREET TEAM, you can download the FANBRIDGE application, enter my sync ID 157927 and gather your local friends emails and contacts details on this application. This will support the tour to bridge your community locally so everyone can receive by email the latest and most uplifting interviews and come to juicy gatherings in your area.
  • My intention this year is also to create juicy content for other webTVs and TVs so if you are part of a production company or a TV network, and you enjoy watching my interviews and adventures, please contact me by email europe [AT] juicylivingtour.com and let’s work together.

You will find a list of the countries I am planning on travelling to this year on the Juicy Living Tour Europe as well as social medias and websites you can refer to for more information, interviews and dates. They are listed on the right hand side of this page.

What is currently cooking for me?

I am currently planning the tour. interviewing over Skype from France and promoting my latest book, “I had no money and I liked it: the abundant journey of an open heart” and working on my 3rd book on the Juicy Living Tour. For more information on my books visiit www.JuicyLivingPublishing.com

I send you much love and blessings.
From my heart to yours,

Lilou Mace

European Countries Lilou is planning on coming to
(not limited to):



Ways to connect & participate:

email (please mention COUNTRY in subject line): europe [AT] juicylivingtour.com




Lilou is an author, webTV host, video blogger and co-founder of the 100-Day Reality Challenge and the Juicy Living Tour. For more information on Lilou, click here


Lilou’s books:





Juicy Team Members helping currently the tour:

Lynda Mangoro -
graphics, logos creation, site designer and manager for JuicyLivingTour.com. Lynda is a blessing and has helped uncondtionaly all year long. I am so grateful for her creative work. If you ever need logo creation, website, she is the one to hire! Her creativity and love are precious!
More on Lynda here

Regis Abitbol – Coordinates LilouMace.com and Lilou’s french webTVs such as Dailymotion.com/Liloumace
and Lateledelilou.com
More about Regis here

Thank you for your support & Love





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  1. Sheri Smith says:

    Aloha! I am so sorry I missed you when you were in Hawaii. I just saw your video with Puna in Kalapana. I don’t know if you were aware, but he just passed away this past week of a heart attack at age 44. Thought you would like to know… many hearts are very sad. If you ever come back to Hawaii, we’d love to have you come visit our Castle. You are amazing. Mahalo, Sheri

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