Breatharian couple, parents of a breatharian child – Akahi & Camila


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  1. laurel says:

    so happy to have a real interview with these beautiful souls. THANK YOU. it seems quite impossible, only because it is not the norm today. does that mean it is not beneficial?

    after cleansing and fasting for years now, and offering it to others as a business and a service, i thought that i would move into being a Breatharian, later in life – which is coming soon. i can feel it.

    it is hard to IMAGINE until one has emptied their intestines of all the old, old food that is definitely stuck in there. probably along with worms and parasites that live off of it. when I first got to that empty point, just thinking about F.O.O.D. brought my energy down. you know how you FEEL when you overeat ?

    more and more, people are realizing they need to CLEANSE, DETOX. this is starting us on the path of less food and higher vibration. cleaner food and growing our own and being much more conscious about what we are putting into our bodies, especially our children. After so much toxicity entering our world from the industrialization of it – we are finally seeing the results and waking up to that devastation as we witness those around us, and the planet, becoming sicker and sicker.

    this interview talks about what we are moving towards as a group of people. it will take a few at first then multiply !

    it’s funny – i almost started a roving videography tour like you – and had called it JUICY LIVING too!! instead i took a van tour to meet scientists and bring them together with kids.

    peace and joy to you and many thanks

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