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Juicy Living Tour EUROPE is hosted by Lilou Mace http://youtu.be/wNqtdERCX7M . Lilou has uploaded more than 1,800 videos online since March 2006. In June 2012 Lilou has more than 15-million video views on Youtube alone www.Youtube.com/liloumace. This does not include the hundreds of her interviews being uploaded on other YT channels and subtitled by people on their own language. Her channel is growing exponentially as she shares online her adventures and interviews with conscious people.

What Lilou is doing is not unique. Many people around the world are demonstrating the beauty and magic of following their heart and true nature. They are now living their potential and uniqueness on the planet. Lilou wants to give her co-creators the knowledge, stories, technology, connections to realize their human and universal potential. Humanity is entering into a new phase of evolution. It is essential that we are now all connected and can quickly communicate important information to each other.

Lilou archives her interviews on several websites, and encourages video bloggers to share and embed her interviews on their blog, site and social media so we can spread this information fast and to millions around the globe in minutes. Lilou’s videos first point of entry are youtube.com/liloumace, facebook.com/liloumacewebTV, iloumace.com, juicylivingtour.com.

In 2012-2013 most videos will be recorded in Europe for this 2nd edition of the Juicy Living Tour.
Lilou will be traveling every month and all year to as many countries as possible such as the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Slovania, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic and more.

The tour is financed from donations of viewers to cover travel expenses, flights, car rentals, hotels, equipment, food, etc. www.juicylivingtour.com.


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  1. Monique says:

    My dear Lilou! Are you still looking for an assistant? I have someone in mind who is a communications expert, loves to travel, is not rooted anywhere and is looking for an adventurous opportunity. Laisse-moi savoir si tu cherches encore quelqu´un. Gros bisous!

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"Lilou Mace has been such a great inspiration in my life and continues to be so daily. I see her really living the dream, manifesting the life she desires and that, to me, is the greatest inspiration of all and encourages me to follow my dreams."
- Jean Dayton Artist

"I journeyed from my African home with you Lilou Mace, I opened my eyes, and my heart, along the way I learnt from the people who opened their hearts to you, and became a privileged member of a select group of “Lilou lovers”. I am forever grateful for taking me on this heart journey, my spirit has changed. I’m a better person because of you!"
- Wendy Spivey