What’s happening on Earth? Is Being Unconditional the answer?

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  1. Jim Dukehart says:

    I resonate with you and your guests. I am a big fan of Echart Tolle and also Oprah Winfrey. I have been on this journey for sixty four years and I am glad to be alive to see people becoming aware. I must thank my wife for getting me to try meditation years ago not long after we met. We have taken many journeys since then and now we have more hope for humanity than ever before. Peace and love to all you co-creators.

  2. super ! merci pour la voie que tu nous ouvre, continu à être ce que tu es.

  3. Yes it is the process of unconditional that right now starting to show it self…..
    The word is also to limited to describe this process, it´s much more consequence to the shift from understanding thru our mind to just experience with mind and live totally thru heart intelligence….
    Currently writing a book about just this and it is (mind-blowing) ha ha… how different it will become when we learn how to let go of the old patterns and embrace “unconditional” which is without manipulation, projection, control, fear and so much more…….
    All the – free flow forever -

  4. Linda LoCastro says:

    With so much information swirling around us, so many seminars, etc.; I have found it is best for me to just keep it simple in my everyday life. I ask myself, “Am I being kind, gentle, compassionate, understanding. Am I lending a helping hand where I can. When I speak, are my words kind, are they truthful, do they really need to be said. All the intellectual, metaphysical explanations in the world are nothing without my personal responsibility for behaving in a way that I can feel good about myself and contribute to others feeling good about themselves. Thank you, Lilou, for putting yourself out there and bringing so many wonderful people into our lives through your willingness to travel and produce your videos! Many blessings to you!

  5. Rich Featherly says:

    It sounds like you were saying that being courageous is the answer, such as having the courage to say no when we need to rather than unconditionally saying yes.
    Did you get some rest after your trip to Quebec? Your eyes were saying you needed some. Thanks so much for zooming all over the world to bring us all the courageous teachers you meet.

  6. Diana Desmond says:

    Following your heart and trusting your inner voice and the universe to guide you into the flow of life and all the exciting transformation that is happening right now is a great way to go. I try to take what I learn from different teachers as a contribution to my consciousness, and something that I could share as a contribution to others, but there is not one right answer or one right way… Follow your excitement! Ideas and events can be sparked all along the way. I like what you said about the thing that drew you somewhere ended up being the least of all the amazing experiences you participated in in that place at that time. How cool! Thanks for sharing Lilou :)

  7. Frances says:

    I’m in complete agreement with Pamela Mariasine. Lilou, it’s obvious that your heart is in the right place, and what you’ve chosen to do is helping so many of us because your heart is in the right place. Thank you for telling it as you see it; we need someone like you who is willing to do this.

  8. Pamela Mariasine says:

    Salut Lilou,
    I watched your video and agree with every word you said. Everything you said resonated with me.

    I don’t know you (yet, lol), but I love you kiddo. Why? Because you are so authentic, so real and so natural. I think you make a great point when you talk about the connection of the heart, doing things unconditionally, that perhaps people are not really living their truth. I agree. However, from my own personal experience, I now know that it is a journey to discover one’s own truth. Some people’s journeys take longer than others. When I was young, my intuition always guided me. Every time I went with my gut feeling, that I listened to my OWN little voice, things always ended up being positive for me and this is true for me to this day.Looking back over the past 5 years, I feel that I have made great strides,but there is still room for improvement (that is never-ending).

    My friend Anne Beaumier told me she ran into you in Quebec City last Sunday and that you were so KIND to give her a package of nuts for her children who were hungry.Bravo chère.

    I look forward to meeting you in August when you come to Quebec. You are just a doll and I continue to be amazed by every video that you do. Keep up the wonderful work. You have a great following and you help many people Lilou. On se voit au mois d’août au Québec.

    Pam Mariasine
    Kingsey Falls, Quebec

  9. Cindy says:

    Wonderful, Lilou! I agree totally. Thank you for sharing from the heart!

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