Jeff Krock: Release fear & stress

Born in 1942, Jeff grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. After earning a B.A. in Economics from the University of Vermont and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Massachusetts, he worked as a sculptor and carpenter for many years.

Beginning at age 30, Jeff experienced a series of awakenings that ignited his journey as a spiritual pioneer, teacher and healer: a 40-year odyssey that has brought forth the gifts of extraordinary perception and a glowing presence that uplifts each of us. Jeff’s voice and words help the love, power, and peace within us rise to the surface.

Jeff’s presence and guidance are in high demand. In addition to giving more than 30,000 individual and group consultations in the last 36 years, Jeff has lead hundreds of meetings, seminars, and conferences. His clients and students come from all walks and stages of life.

A father and grandfather, Jeff lives with his wife, Lily, in Central Florida.- source

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