Living in the heart & Ascension on Earth – Hira Hosen

Next ATIH workshops with Hira Hosèn in English:
18-21st of September 2014 in Italy (Turin)
9-12th of October 2014 in Ibiza Island – LILOU PARTICIPATING
13-16th of November 2014 in Amsterdam
18-21st of December 2014 in Glastonbury, UK
4-7th of February 2015 in Israel

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“Hira is a certified teacher of the School of Remembering©, founded by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 2011. Like many other light- and ascension-workers in our current timeline, Hira is here to catalyze
the great shift of global Ascension on Earth.

Her heart is filled with the deepest Joy, bliss and gratitude to share this transformational knowledge and experience with the world. It is her gift to share with you this spiritual technology, which will allow you to own
in every moment, and from within your own Heart,
the tools to connect to the light and love of all creation.

Hira Hosèn is a zen buddhist nun, living, practicing
and teaching spirituality through daily meditation. She
currently resides and co-operates a Zen Temple located in the mountains of the South of France with her loving husband, zen master KoSho, together raising their young daughter.

Hira means ‘diamond’ and ‘thunderbolt’in Sanskrit,
the name which was given during a ritual performed
in India 1998. Hira received an MSc in Engineering and Industrial Management at the University of Technology Eindhoven, in Holland 2004.

That same year 2004, she received the zen ordination of Bodhisattva. HoSen was the name she received during her Zen Nun Ordination in Spain 2007 meaning
‘Source of the Jewel’.

Hira believes that through the practice of methods
taught in the ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart’ workshops, people have the opportunity to greatly deepen their path of awakening to their true nature. She is honored and excited to share these teachings of ascension with you.” source

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