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  • My book in Korea!!! :)

    My book in Korea!!! :)

    To watch more of my video interviews, visit http://www.JuicyLivingTour.com and http://www.LilouMace.com Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour and webTV is an independent media. Donate now to support the Juicy Living Tour at http://juicylivingtour.com/support-the-juicy-tour/donate-now Stay tuned on the Juicy Living Tour and where it is right now in the world from Lilou’s facebook fan page at http://facebook.com/liloumacewebtv COPYRIGHT © 2014 LILOU PRODUCTIONS, INC

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  • 100-Day Reality Challenge visualisation ( mp3 track)

    100-Day Reality Challenge visualisation ( mp3 track)

    This track is a visualization created for the CCOR participants to attract what they really want during your 100-day reality challenge

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  • Daily Law Of Attraction Meditations and Visualizations by Lilou Mace

    Daily Law Of Attraction Meditations and Visualizations by Lilou Mace

    Daily Law-of-Attraction Meditations and Visualizations by Lilou Mace (8 MP3 Tracks to download) Lilou has recorded several daily law-of-attraction visualization mp3s to “help people attract their dream jobs; restore their natural weight, set daily intentions and shift their moods”. Her “gentle yet powerful visualizations” are one of the daily practices Lilou uses in her life “to manifest her dreams”. The tracks were recorded and commercialised in 2009 as “Law-of-Attraction Visualizations and Meditations”. Other practices of Lilou’s include creating vision boards, […]

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  • E-Book of ‘I Lost My Job and I Liked It’ Plus Bonus

    E-Book of ‘I Lost My Job and I Liked It’ Plus Bonus

    eBook of ‘I lost my job and I liked it: 30-Day Law of Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker’. Includes a free BONUS: Daily Dream job visualisation and meditation MP3 recorded by Lilou. French-American Londoner Lilou Mace has made the recession work for her, turning the loss of her job into a promising career as a writer-publisher in under two months. To the best of Lilou’s knowledge this is the first time anyone has illustrated the workings of the […]

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  • Everyday Meditation with Sarah McLean PART 1

    Everyday Meditation with Sarah McLean PART 1

    Sarah McLean, long time meditator, teacher and director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company, and Lilou Mace, an explorer of worlds in her juicy Living Tour, talk meditation. Join them in Sarah’s meditation studio in Sedona Arizona to explore meditation. Viewers will hear stories and tips for a successful meditation practice and for expanding awareness in life. Sarah teaches Lilou a simple meditation practice as she teaches her students. And you’ll be guided through it as well. And will learn […]

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100 Day Reality Challenge

What would happen if you recorded yourself for 100 days as you put Universal Laws & Principles into practice? Find out on the Co-creationg Our Reality website.

"Lilou Mace has been such a great inspiration in my life and continues to be so daily. I see her really living the dream, manifesting the life she desires and that, to me, is the greatest inspiration of all and encourages me to follow my dreams."
- Jean Dayton Artist

"I journeyed from my African home with you Lilou Mace, I opened my eyes, and my heart, along the way I learnt from the people who opened their hearts to you, and became a privileged member of a select group of “Lilou lovers”. I am forever grateful for taking me on this heart journey, my spirit has changed. I’m a better person because of you!"
- Wendy Spivey